Wednesday, December 7, 2011

losing my mind

I have been trying, desperately, since the last weekend of august, to just let go and cry and scream and kick and have emotion. I have been waiting, trying, getting nothing. Something is wrong inside me.

people say I have changes this year from last year. I think they are right, im just trying to figure out which me is better, and which me is real. I don't see the point of things right now. everything seems so trivial. I feel like this entire semester has had a fog over it, been surreal.

I dont even know what I am talking about, I don't like talking about real things. Real things are too confusing.

I know this. I value relationships: friends, family. And I value being a good person, whatever that means on a personal level gets ambiguous. But thats it. Im not sure of anything else I value unconditionally. I find it is hard to keep up a relationship with people who have different values from me.


  1. Hey Ariana,

    I think now is the time to find your purpose. So take different classes, seek beauty in all you pass, and i'm sure you will begin to find a coorelation in what interests you and what you find beautiful. please do not take this as me being corny, take it as me being real

  2. Hey Justme,

    how did you know my name? how do i find my purpose? sometimes real is corny, but I think thats okay. and I think thats why it is corny. because it is overused. because it is true.

    love, postitnote